Deadline to Submit Nominations was Monday, June 3rd

Amada Caregiver Value Awards Nomination Process

CLICK HERE to complete the online nomination form. Client testimonials and photos may be uploaded and are encouraged!

To be considered, nominees must be willing to participate in all Value Awards festivities during our Annual Franchise Conference.

Franchise Partners may submit up to three nominations for each of their Amada territories (i.e., if you own two territories, up to six nominations are allowed).

The ideal candidate provides direct care to Amada Senior Care clients as her/his/their primary job and whose caregiving efforts have been recognized by clients. In providing care, the candidate exemplies any or all of the Amada Caregiver 6Cs.

All nominees will be acknowledged with a certificate and a thank you letter.

Kicking up their heels in Nashville are NCGVA recipients Elida, Islonda, Lucinda, Don, and Jamie, accompanied by Amada staff members Michelle C. and Michelle F.

The 6Cs: Amada Caregiver Values

Click on each of the 6Cs below to see its definition.

Amada caregivers are committed to doing our best to navigate delicate and challenging care situations. We are trustworthy, resourceful and hard-working.

Amada caregivers are proactive in asking questions and addressing any issues a client has. We truly listen and answer questions thoughtfully. We feel a sense of urgency and responsibility about making the person we care for as comfortable as possible.

Amada caregivers possess the knowledge, experience, and training to provide exceptional senior care. We are competent in caregiving skills. We present ourselves well and dress professionally.

Amada caregivers see providing senior care as their calling, not as just a job. We show genuine kindness and concern for those we care for and are always looking for ways to fulfill their relational, emotional, and physical care needs.

Amada caregivers are confident in our abilities, yet still willing to learn each client’s unique needs and preferences. Good caregivers are not hesitant or fearful about engaging with clients, but also don’t assume they know more about what a client needs than the client themselves or their family members.

Amada caregivers are nurturing, and we foster a sense of connection and camaraderie with those we care for. Our warmth and communication help clients understand how much we appreciate them.

The gang's all here to celebrate!: CEO Tafa, staffer Michelle C., Honoree Jaime, Honoree Martin, Honoree Don, Honoree Lucinda, Honoree Elida, DTAS Daryl, RPM Mareanne, President Chad, and Honoree Islonda.

Tips for Submissions

The online nomination form has three sections to complete.

Opening Statement: Introduce your candidate and say how long the caregiver has been an Amada employee.

Details: Provide specific examples that show your caregiver exemplifying one or more of the Amada Caregiver 6Cs.

Summary: “Tie a bow” on the nomination by sharing the positive impact your caregiver has made on clients, your office culture and your business. When reviewing your nomination, ask yourself: “Have I painted a clear picture of my caregiver’s efforts and contributions?” Keep in mind that the members of the Amada Caregiver Committee won’t be able to “read between the lines” and can’t assume facts that aren’t in evidence. 

CLICK HERE to read examples of strong nominations.

Ask your office admin who has a talent for storytelling to help write the nomination!

Our compassionate Amada caregivers serve from the heart.

2024 Timeline

May 1st
Nominations open. First Franchise Partner who submits a fully completed nomination will receive a $100 gift card.
May 8th
First raffle drawing among Franchise Partners who have submitted nominations. Recipient will receive a $100 gift card.
May 15th
Second raffle drawing among Franchise Partners who have submitted nominations. Recipient will receive a $100 gift card.
June Franchise Forum Call
Names of Franchise Partners who won the three raffle drawing will be announced.
June and July
Amada Caregiver Committee will review all nominations.
Amada Caregiver Committee will select the six national honorees.
Late July
Franchise Partners whose caregivers have been selected as our National Caregivers of the Year will be notified and phone calls from Tafa Jefferson and Mareanne Fontenette will be made to the NCGVA recipients.
July Franchise Forum Call
Our six national Amada Caregivers of the Year will be announced.
October 2nd-6th
AFI Annual Conference where our six National Caregiver Value Awards recipients will be honored.