Peer Performance Groups are a proven solution that helps drive business performance and creates connectivity and value for each member. We are launching three more groups in 2024, so if you are interested or if you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at [email protected].

* Once the groups are solidified, your PPG facilitator (AFI staff) will reach out to you directly. Your group’s first meeting will be at our 2023 Annual conference and will be a short 20–30-minute meeting so you meet your facilitator and the other members of your PPG, plan 2024 meeting schedule, and review the PPG meeting format.

*  Groups will meet 3-4 times per year (group members will make that decision) and are generally a mix of in-person and virtual. If you are meeting in-person, the group will determine the location and and AFI will work to find the hotel and arrange the meeting space.

* AFI will facilitate the meetings, however the group self-leads and self directs. Each member will present at each meeting based on a common PPG .ppt format covering KPIs, staff performance, issues, and goals and receive feedback, counsel, and questions from the PPG members.

* The cost to participate is $350/year per office location. Each attendee is also responsible for their travel expenses (hotel, food, airfare, ground transportation